Founder and Makeup Artist Shahnaz shares her Glo Secrets.

Founder and Makeup Artist Shahnaz shares her Glo Secrets
Self care in all areas of your life are essential. I learnt the hard way after suffering burnout and in that learnt how to get my health and skin back on track. It was only after spending a year of getting better that I decided to launch the Glo Secrets and help others get their lives back on track.
Shahnaz's Skin Story:

"After suffering with skin issues for years, I knew I had to change. But change is not always easy."

I quickly realised if I was to get the glowing skin that I wanted for myself, I knew I had to change things. My skincare products were top of the list and I couldn't find products that were effective, sustainable, and suitable for sensitive skin.

I created Lumi Glo whilst working as a full time professional makeup artist and I measured my success through testing how my clients' skin reacted. It was safe to say, the results were amazing. My mission to create products that were effective, easy to use and fun had begun.

I started with the sheet and eye masks because they give an instant skin boost that shows results. They are fun, easy to add into your skincare routine and use powerful ingredients such as CBD Leaf Extract, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. Next up is the beautiful Dewy Glo mist which is my obsession. Even if I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed, having a great skincare routine and glowing skin can just lift your mood.

What happens when you are stressed?

Stress affects you on a cellular level and if it's chronic, then this can wreak havoc on your skin and your body. I found this out the hard way and ended up with adrenal fatigue. I was so stressed out with all the external factors I couldn’t control, that my body got pumped with cortisol (stress hormone). I stopped sleeping, my skin got irritated and my eczema flared up and in the end got really sick.

A little love to your mind and body really goes a long way. Looking at a more holistic approach can really help. It definitely helped me and my complexion went from looking red, dry and exhausted to a glowing, radiant and smooth complexion.

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What are the Glo Secrets?

The Glo Secrets encompass everything from your mind, body and skin. Eating well, having a skincare routine, a morning ritual and doing things that truly uplevel your life you are filling up your happy cup.

Stress causes so much havoc on your skin. I know because it gave me eczema, dry patches and a permanent red eye. So added onto life stress was skin stress as well.

When you're working hard, juggling social commitments and trying to avoid the compare and despair trap of social media, we can end up exhausted which in turn, causes more stress. So with that in mind the Glo Secrets was born.

I break it up into 3 comprehensive emails with my key tips for a better life. Plus you get a special discount code of 15% once you sign up on Lumi Glo products.

Want to know more then click here to get the Glo Secrets and start living your best life.

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