How To Layer Serums In Your Skincare Routine

I am all about juicy serums with active ingredients. That's why I launched the Lumi Glo masks. Our sheet masks are just a small part of the whole beauty routine, so I am here to show you the way on how to layer your serums so they actually work.

Can you layer your serums?
Oh yes you can. I layer my serums every day for the ultimate glow. I am obsessed with serums because they can do so many amazing things for your skin. Serums are skin treatment products, so we select them based on the things we’d like to treat: dehydration, acne, dryness, sagging and loss of firmness, visible pores, hyperpigmentation, etc. But sometimes we want to treat more than one thing at once, which is when we layer.

Most serums won't be all in one so that;s why you will probably layer about 3 at a time. Don't be afraid to layer Ipromise they will still be effective. The order is dependent on the products but ther general rule is start with the most active first like Vitamin C and then finish off with a Hyaluronic Acid as well as the thinnest to thickest.

My skin routine in the day:
1. Cleanse my face
2. Spritz a face mist
3. Either apply a Glycolic Acid pad or Vitamin C Pad
4. Apply a Lumi Glo Sheet Mask 2/3 times per week I personally love the Glo Getter and Brightening Bomb for my skin as I have pigmentation and need some anti-aging action too!
5. Apply a brightening serum, Vitamin C serum and then Hyaluronic Acid Serum.
6. Apply a moisturiser. I do love a gel consistency.
7. Apply an eye mask (i love all 4 formulations) or eye cream if I am in a rush.
8. Finish off with an SPF

My Routine At Night:
1. Apply a cleaning balm to remove my makeup and then apply an eye makeup remover to make sure all mascara is gone.
2. I go over with a Smitten with water to make sure all traces of makeup are removed. (coming soon to Lumi Glo)
3. Spritz a face mist
4. Apply a retinol
5. Eye mask when I have 20 mins to chill and really want to pamper myself. The award winning Eye Brightener is the business.
6. Apply a face oil (in winter)
7. Finish off with a nourishing face cream with ceramides to lock in the moisture.

(Remember - if you use an oil-free moisturiser, water/gel-cream or face lotion, your face oil goes on AFTER. If your face cream is thicker than , it goes last. Whichever is thickest, goes on last.)

Some Serum Layering Tips:

  • Layer 2 serums and 3 if you are a skin pro
  • Not all serums are for night and day. Save retinol, retinoids and AHAs for PM, and generally speaking, Vitamin C is at its best underneath SPF in the AM.
  • Make sure your serums aren’t fighting (i.e. avoid layering serums with ingredients that have the potential to impact the efficacy of each other, such as a retinol and vitamin c).

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