How To Prep and Perfect Your Makeup With A Face Mist

Face mists are all about hydrating and reviving the skin as well as the skincare benefits too. They are also key reasons why you need to use a mist. Being a makeup artist taught me how important a face mist is when it comes to prepping and perfecting your makeup.

It's all about creating the perfect canvas for your makeup. Hydrated skin really helps makeup application so much easier.

Why apply a face mist before makeup?
Hydration is key when it comes to prepping the skin. A mist also makes your serums more effective, especially Hyaluronic Acid. When skin is plump then fine lines are reduced and your foundation glides on like a dream.

How do you use The Dewy Glo mist to get skin makeup ready?

As mentioned I love to apply before a serum and also in between a serum. The mist is also packed with a powerhouse of antioxidants so combined with your serums your skin will look and feel incredible. Skin looks healthy and dewy. Also if you have an oily complexion misting is a great option over layering too many serums.

How does a mist help with makeup application?
I love to use a mist to sheer out the foundation that may be too heavy or matte it makes the foundation so much easier to blend and skin looks more natural.
You can spritz just before applying makeup or after if you still feel there isn't enough glow. A good skincare routine is key.

If you apply a powder over foundation then you can always revive your makeup later in the day. It's a great hack for healthy glowing skin.

Misting Tip:

Make sure when you apply the mist, have it at arms length so you are misting, not saturating the skin after makeup has been applied.

Shahnaz x

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