Why We Love Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is just one of those must have ingredients that we all need in our skincare. Its got so many amazing healing qualities. Combined with CBD Leaf Extract is just a powerhouse duo. So this post is all about why we love it and why you need it in your life.

5 Reasons Why We Love Aloe Vera:

1. It's so soothing. Sun burn or inflamed skin this ingredient needs to be your best friend. We launched the Skin Soother and Eye Plumper sheet and eye mask with Aloe Vera to help people with really sensitive skin. Its also a fav after skin peels to help with the healing process

2. It deeply moisturises. As well as healing the skin it really is amazing for moisture. Not only does this benefit dry, rough, or flaking skin, but providing moisture to irritated skin can also assist in the healing process.

3. It helps boost Collagen production. Its not only amazing for acne prone skin it also helps boost collagen production because it helps treat wound and sunburn healing which improves collagen production.

4.Its packed with antioxidants. Its a natural source of Salycilic Acid that helps with breakouts. Its also rich in Vitamin C, E and Beta carotene which helps with the fight against aging.

5. It helps repair the skin's barrier. Aloe Vera locks the moisture into the skin which means it heals the out layer of the skin's barrier.

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