Why We Need Self Care Sundays

Why Self Care is So Important

We live super busy stressful lives. Especially with everything going on right now. It doesn't matter if you are running your own company or just being a stay at home mum. Life is full on. I can say I definitely spend my weeks over stressed, working like crazy, spinning round in circles and not taking a breath. I barely stop and just take a moment to take in my surroundings or just take in what I have achieved.

Why We Love Self Care Sundays

Self care Sundays have become vital. It's not only about getting out in nature, or taking a bath with some essential oils. It is about looking back at your week realising how much you have achieved but also planning how to better prepare yourself for the coming week.
Don't feel guilty about pampering yourself. Book a massage if you can, a pedicure, a facial or just a home time pamper session. If you run your own company like I do then if you don't get that relaxing time then your next week just won't be productive. Burn out can come really quickly if you are not careful.

Here are some ways to really get into Self Care Sundays:

1. Don't rush your morning. You can lie in bed even if you have kids. Sundays means no alarm clock. Do not feel guilty for being lazy and not doing your cardio work out.
2. Spend some time in nature. This is one thing I personally need to up my game on. Going for a walk or going to the beach is so good for the mind. Even if it's chilling in your garden or sitting on the balcony, fresh air is good.
3. Get off your phone and don't spend hours scrolling through to see what others are doing. This is just self destructive. Put it on silent or be daring and just switch it off. I am not quite there yet.

4. Reflect on your week and give yourself a pat on the back for all you have achieved.

5. Treat yourself to a mask and keep it on a little longer. Use your gua sha (if you have one) and really work into your neck to release all the stress. Take a little longer here and then get the blood flowing in your face. Really give your face a good facial massage.
Use your face mask that you keep forgetting to use.
6. Read that magazine you haven't had a chance to pick up. Or start the book you have been desperate to start on. I love to chill with my kids and watch a movie. Whatever helps you relax then do it.

7. Take some deep breaths, maybe 10/15 mins of yoga or just some stretching. Try to be present in the moment. Remember you are a badass. This is the day to be kind to yourself.

8. If you can clean eat this is the day to really try and achieve it. Over drinking and eating on a Sunday can really affect how your Monday starts. Sundays are a great day for cooking and eating right.

9. Finish the day off with a bath, some chilled music, candles and just breath. I take this time to reconnect with my husband. Chat about the week and the week to come.

My skincare routine gets massively extended on Sundays. I love mask time. If you haven't had a chance yet to try our Sheet and eye masks then you definitely need to add these into your self care routine.

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