Why You Need To Be Using A Face Mist?

Do face mists actually work? Aren't they just used to revive makeup? Are they worth the investment? Face mists are an absolute must and I am totally obsessed with them. Being a makeup artist I feel in love with them because they do so much more than just hydrate the skin.

1. Your skincare products work so much better - When skin is damp it means your serums work so much better. By misting your face you allow the serum to penetrate more effectively. I love to mist in between each serum to get that added benefit and enhance all the products I am using.

2. Skin Is Plumper, hydrated and healthy - Face mists normally have ingredients that are super hydrating. They also accelerate the hydration of serums especially when it comes to Hyaluronic Acid. When the skin hasn't got enough hydration or moisture the humectants can draw the moisture from the deeper layers of the skin. When a layer of moisture is added from the face mist and the serum then applied, skin is left so hydrated.
3. Packed with antioxidants - A mist is usually packed with powerful antioxidants. Combining it with your serums or sheet mask means beautiful happy glowing skin. It's my fav way of layering skincare and definitely makes my skin so much more radiant and gives that glassy skin finish.

4. Great for all skin types - Whether you have dry or oily skin a face mist is a great way to layer. They are super light and amazing especially when it comes to oily skin. You can get the hydration you need without layering heavy products. A mist is a great alternative to get the hydration the skin needs. I also love them to revive skin in the day.

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