Your Skin Barrier and How To Repair It

Your Skin Barrier and How To Repair It
Wandering what's happening to your skin? Why it's dry, flakey and well just not looking so great. You have probably damaged your skin barrier by scrubbing too hard or using some active ingerdients that may be a bit too much for your skin. The skin barrier is your first defense to the outside world. It protects against environmental stressors and keeps your skin hydrated. Whether your skin is already prone to sensitivity and dryness, skin barrier damage can happen to anyone. The good news is you can repair the damage and ease irritation in a couple of weeks.
The key thing is to focus on the basics and maybe ease up on the Retinol or AHA. Get back to basics and focus on keeping your skin moisturised and go for healing skincare products.
What is the skin barrier?
The skin barrier is responsible for keeping the good stuff in and the bad out. It protects us from physical toxins (harmful chemicals, pollution etc…) and UV radiation from sun exposure. The skin barrier also helps the body hold onto natural moisture by preventing transepidermal water loss. A healthy, strong moisture barrier will keep you protected and keep water firmly locked in your skin.
How to repair the skin barrier?
1. Stop using your actives for 3-4 weeks that also include Vitamin C as well as your retinol and exfoliating acids. If you continue to use the wrong skincare you can cause more damage to your skin

2. Keep your skin hydrated using ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Squalene, Cermacides and Glycerin. Shop the Hydration Booster, Skin Soother and Brightening Bomb Sheet mask to get all the nourishing ingredients and get some love back into your skin.

3. Use gentle cleansers to wash away any impurities. You want to avoid anything that will strip the skin of oils.

4. Use ingredients that heal like CBD Leaf Extract. It's known for its amazing anti-inflammatory ingredients.

5. Build up the skin barrier with a hydrating moisturiser that has ceramides as well as Glycerin.

6. Protect your skin against the harsh rays with a sun block that has at least an SPF of 30.

7. Make sure you prevent your skin from getting damaged in the future. Introduce new products slowly and make sure not to overdo it. Start with a low concentration and then work your way up.

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