Your Winter Skincare Guide

Your Winter Skincare Guide:
Our skin can really get a little stressed out in winter. Its worlds apart from summer where we all have our glow on. With the change of weather skin can get dry, red, chapped and flakey. Awful I know but with some TLC you can keep skin looking and feeling great.
What happens to our skin in winter?
With temperatures dropping it means less oil production in our skin. Pretty much most people will suffer with dry skin in winter. There is less humidity and central heating it's even worse.The hydration gets sucked out of your skin. If you have sensitive skin it can mean tight and flakey skin.
What skin issues are common in winter on our faces?
Skin can get dry, flakey, dull and if you are prone to rosacea then this can flare up. Going from hot to cold is the main issue. So we need to make sure we are doing all the steps we need to keep skin looking bright and radiant. Exfoliation is key here to get rid of that dead skin and to make sure the products you use are actually penetrating the dermis. You want your skincare to really penetrate to work on those healthy skin cells.
Lips needed a lot of love this time of year too. They can become dry and cracked. Lipos need to be kept hydrated with natural butter and with wax too.

How does winter affect our bodies?
With temperatures dropping, layers of clothes being added and too many hot baths our skin takes a hit. Skin becomes dehydrated because the lipids in our skin break down. Lipids are key in retaining moisture and keeping our skin at its best.
Beauty Tips: Have a warm bath with oils to add some moisture to the skin or take a quicker shower. Nourishing creams and body oils are the business.

Our hands can also really take a hit because they are the most exposed. Plus with all the sanitising which really is a bit of a nightmare, hands get really dry.

Here are our top tips for winter:
The key is happy healthy skin that is hydrated, glowing and feels good. Don't worry we are here to guide you to make sure you have it all covered.
Strengthen Your Skin Barrier
You want to strengthen your skin barrier by keeping irritants out and keeping the moisture in. As our skin’s natural barrier is mostly made up of sebum, this is where face and body oils really come into their own.
Combine a face oil in with your moisturizer to add extra nourishment, add extra drops at night if your skin is really dry and wake up with plump skin. I love to add body oil in winter and mix some drops into my nourishing body cream.

Choosing ingredients is so important for this you need Hyaluronic Acid and Avocado Oil for hydration found in our Hydration Booster and Eye Illuminator, Squalene found in oils and in our Brightening Bomb and Eye Brightener, Vitamin C found in The Glo Getter and Eye Glow Up, Argan Oil found in The Skin Soother and Eye Plumper. CBD Leaf Extract which is in all our formulations is the rock star and super hero of antioxidants because of its anti-inflammatory benefits. It helps with redness, dry skin, inflammed skin, flakey skin and eczema.
Other key ingedients for winter skincare is the unsung hero Glycerin which is in 2 of our formulations The Glo Hydrate Set and The Glo Up Set. If you haven't read our post chatting about this ingredients click here to read more. As well
We also love Shea Butter, Green Tea, Jojoba, Retinol and Peptides.
Lips and hands are key
With colder temperatures both lips and hands are affected. You need to make sure you lather up those hands with a good hand cream. There are so many on the market from drugstore to high end. You don't need to break the bank here, look for brands like Eucerin to really keep hands hydrated and soft.
For lips they can become dry and chapped so you want natural butters and wax in your balm. We love Lanolab for this and you can also use it on cuticles, split ends and cheat the glow on the cheek bones.
Get Your Glow On
Exfoliation and masks are a must in winter. You need to get that dead skin off to get glowy beautiful skin all over. As well as making sure your products can penetrate the dermis. You can mix it up with an exfoliator, exfoliator pads or masks specifically for this. We love brands like Skoon, Ren and Dermalogica, Elemis and Nip + Fab. However the list goes on.
Masks are an amazing way to exfoliate and to add the glow on those dull complexions. Our sheet masks are the business to really boost, hydrate and give a radiant complexion instantly. Yay for instant skin gratification.

Oils, Oils and more Oils
A facial and body oil is a must to lock in hydration. Mix into your moisturiser and body lotion for some serious body glow and hydration.Your skin will be thanking you for it. You want omega rich oils to restore and regenerate as well as balance sensitive skin. Look for brands like Nuxe, Skin Creamery and Skoon when it comes to oils. It's all about instant relief in winter.
Top tips
1. Invest in a humidifier to get some moisture in your home.
2. Drink lots of water but you can do this in the form of herbal teas which are amazing for the glow and keeping you warm.
3. Make sure you get enough fatty acids in your diet as well as in your skincare.
For any more advice drop us an email at and we would be happy to help you.
Happy skincare shopping x

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