Your Glo Guide for Blemish-Prone Skin

Blemish-prone skin often feels uneven and can be characterised by the presence of various imperfections, including pimples, blackheads, and redness. When you touch blemish-prone skin, it may feel textured, with raised bumps or rough areas where blemishes are present.

Your Recommended Regime

The Super Glo Hydro Boost Jelly Moisturiser
The Glo Plump Set
The Glo Getter Sheet Mask
The Glo Bright Set
The Dewy Glo Face Mist

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Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

The Gua Sha is a gemstone facial massager, made from smoothly polished rose quartz crystal. This heart-shaped stone gives you a non-invasive way to tone your face and rejuvenate your skin. The stone is a great way to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. It helps combat lines and wrinkles, firm your skin’s appearance and boost circulation as well as reduces dark circles.


- Improves skin elasticity

- Contours and sculpts

- Reduces the appearance of puffiness and fine lines

- Eases facial muscle tension

- Promotes absorption of skincare products

- Promotes lymphatic drainage

- Calms inflamed skin
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Step 1: Cleansing

Wakey wakey! Start your morning routine by cleansing your face with a gentle, non-comedogenic cleanser specifically formulated for blemish-prone skin. This will remove excess oil and impurities accumulated overnight.

Step 2: Toner

Apply a blemish-fighting toner that contains salicylic acid or witch hazel to help balance the skin's pH and control oil production.

Step 3: Mist

Use The Dewy Glo Face Mist with its blemish-fighting hero ingredient niacinamide. This can help reduce redness and control breakouts.

Step 4: Eye Mask

Apply an eye mask to give a vitamin boost to the area. Pick an eye mask based on your desired results.

Step 5: Moisturiser

Apply a layer of The Hydro Boost Jelly Moisturiser to hydrate your skin for the day. HOT TIP: Our Jelly Moisturiser also works as a great primer for makeup!

Step 6: Sunscreen

Finish your morning routine with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. UV protection is crucial to protect your skin, especially when using blemish-fighting products.

Step 7: Makeup (Optional)

If you wear makeup, you can apply it after your sunscreen has absorbed. Choose non-comedogenic makeup products to avoid clogging pores.

Don't forget to pop your mist in your
handbag for a quick refresh and dewy glow throughout the day. Now get glowing and have an amazing day!
Step 1: Preparations

Before you begin your nighttime routine, wash your hands and tie your hair back to ensure a clean environment.

Step 2: Cleansing

Use the same gentle cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, and impurities. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

Step 3: Exfoliating Mitten

Exfoliate your skin with an exfoliating micro-fiber mitten 1-2 times a week to remove any built-up dead skin.

Step 4: Sheet Mask

Apply a sheet mask, depending on what your skin needs. Leave it on for 15 - 20 minutes to deliver targeted treatment to your skin.

Step 5: Gua Sha Massage

After removing the sheet mask, apply the rest of the serum to your face and neck. Use The Rose Quartz Gua Sha facial tool for a gentle facial massage to promote lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness.

Step 6: Moisturiser

Apply a thick layer of The Super Glo Hydro Boost Jelly Moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and protect your skin barrier.

Step 8: Mist

Finish your nighttime routine with The Dewy Glo Face Mist to calm and hydrate your skin.

Now it's time to glow to sleep! We'll see you in your dreams!


Blemish-prone skin is often a result of excess sebum (oil) production, clogged pores, bacteria, and inflammation. Hormonal fluctuations, genetics, and environmental factors can also contribute.

  • Yes, moisturising is essential. Use a lightweight gel-based moisturiser to maintain the skin's moisture balance without clogging pores.

Products with ingredients like niacinamide, aloe vera, and CBD can help reduce redness and inflammation. Avoid picking at blemishes to prevent further irritation.