Founder Shahnaz's Travel Beauty Tips

As the founder of Lumi Glo, a mum of two and just basically a busy girl who travels quite a bit, travel skincare is really important. I also always have a makeup bag with me when I go to meetings or am in a rush and need to get my glow on while on the move. I don't know about you but my skin gets so dehydrated on planes and it's all about hydration, hydration and hydration.


I always make sure my nails have been done because I am a nail art addict. Pedi's are a must even if it's winter I just have to have my feet done. Lash lifts and leg waxing is a must, it just makes my life so much easier. I never leave home without my key hair products. This is a non negotiable for me.

Travel Go To's:

Now I am known for taking too much with me not sure why because I am always picking up new bits and pieces on my travels. What can I say but I am obsessed with skincare and makeup. So is my 13 year old daughter (I have created a beauty monster). I have been a lot better recently keeping my skincare and makeup to more of a minimum even though it may not look like that.

I always try to just take one eyeshadow palette that will cover me for the whole trip, a couple of lippies, mascara, dewy blush, bronzer and quite a few highlighters (I am obsessed with them)

Skincare Essentials:
  • The Dewy Glo Face Mist - this is one I mist all day long to revive my skin.
  • The Super Hydro Boost Moisturiser - my plane must have because it's so hydrating.
  • The Lumi Glo Eye Masks - these are my saviours every day.
  • Nip + Fab Vitamin C Pads - They gently exfoliate and add some serious glow to my skin.
  • The Lanolab Lip Balm - My dry lip saviour.
Makeup Essentials:
  • The Pixi On The Glow Blush - Obsessed with this easy to use blush for the glow.
  • The Drunk Elephant Rosey Drops - Seriously heavenly for glow and a pop of colour.
  • Nars Climax Extreme Mascara - I never leave home without a travel mascara.
Keep Your Routine Simple:
Whether you are going for work or holiday, try to keep it simple. There is no need to pack your whole makeup stash. I am all about glowing beautiful skin that looks natural so those are the essentials I pack.

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