The Super Glo Hydro Boost Moisturiser Is Here!!!

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YAY we are so happy to be bringing you the amazing new Super Glo Hydro Boost Moisturiser. It's seriously the next level of glow. We wanted to bring you a moisturiser that is a multi tasker, that protects, soothes and seriously hydrates. The ingredients are on another level and so much more effective than your average moisturiser. We have been testing it out on beauty editors, models and customers and the reviews are incredible. it's a glow made in heaven.

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The Super Glo Hydro Boost Moisturiser is like no other jelly moisturiser because it contains our hero ingredient CBD Leaf Extract. We love this antioxidant because of its super hero anti-inflasmmtory powers. Whether you have breakouts, redness, dry patches, oily skin you name it this bad boy can help.

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The moisturiser has a jelly-like texture that melts into your skin. We combined a powerful combo of active ingredients that truly work. The texture is light, smells of pomegranate and leaves skin happy, healthy and glowing.

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Created for sensitive skin but anyone can use it no matter what age or skin concern. Skin is seriously hydrated and radiant. We love it.
Key ingredients:

CBD Leaf Extract: Calms and soothes skin inflammation, acne, redness and eczema. Helps decrease sebum production.

Sodium Hyaluronate Acid Crosspolymer: Visibly improves skin’s hydration, suppleness and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It helps lock in moisture into the skin’s barrier.

Pomegranate: A powerful antioxidant that helps skin regenerate, detoxes the skin, and protects against UV radiation.

Jojoba: Anti-inflammatory properties, reduces redness, helps fight against oxidative stress, helps contain sebum production as well as speed up wound healing and soothe sunburn and dry skin.

Hemi Squalene: Helps lock in moisture, protects the skin’s barrier and increases elasticity

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