Save Your Skin This Festive Season With An Effective Skincare Routine

Its that time of year people that your skin could be going a little crazy. Its a stressful time because you are closing off the year, you may be rushing around trying to do your shopping you left last minute, you have been to loads of parties and putting makeup on and maybe even falling asleep with it still on. Stress causes havoc to the skin as well as over indulging. Plus living in a hot climate means sun burnt skin or just too much sun which we all know causes aging and pigmentation.

Its OK to have fun but just make sure you give your skin the love it deserves. You don't want your routine to go out the window because you are too busy. This is the key time to have a good routine. Trust me your skin will be thanking you in the new year. Do something your future self will thank you for.

8 skincare tips for the festive season:
1. Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse. This is such a key step that definitely gets missed out when it gets busy. Even if you aren't wearing makeup there is so much pollution and you need to keep skin clean and protected. Make sure you cleanse before you go to bed and if you are not sure if you got rid of all the impurities then use a micelllar water to make sure. Going to sleep with makeup on means breakouts. Keep skin hydrated and nourished.

2. Pick a good moisturiser and hydrate that skin. Remember go for a more lightweight if you are in a hot climate. For you winter people you need a richer moisturiser. You are looking to trap the moisture into your skin so it doesn't get dry or dehydrated. Love your skin this festive season.

3. Apply a face oil at night. I find when skin gets stressed you need to add some more love to the skin. A couple of drops of a face oil mixed in with your moisturiser before you go to bed really nourishes your skin.

4. Don't forget your lips. These can take a hit if you are wearing matte lipsticks, being out in the sun and not hydrating your body. A nourishing lip balm is key at this time of year. You want to make sure they are kissable ready.

5. Mask at least twice a week. This is the time when you really up your game with your boosting sheet masks.They offer instant skin gratification and add the moisture back in. The Glo Getter and Brightening Bomb are the perfect festive season sheet masks. Plus don't forget the eye masks these will help soothe your under eye area

6. Stay Hydrated. This is something so many of us struggle with this time of year. Its all about celebrating and drinking and water well that gets forgotten about. Carry a bottle with you wherever you go to help you keep hydrated in this crazy time. Remember your skin needs it so self love is key here.

7. SPF all day long. It doesn't matter if its cloudy SPF needs to be applied regularly. With festive parties outside, being on the beach sitting in your car trying to get that shopping in, being on your phone or trying to wrap up work you need to protect your skin. Invest in an invisible mist so your makeup still looks gorgeous.

8. Mist, mist and mist some more. If you are struggling with your routine and are rushed off your feet carry your face moist in your bag and mist all day long. The Dewy Glo face mist is an absolute must for this time of year.
Have a beautiful festive season. xxx

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