The Teen Skincare Routine

Being a teen is hard enough with all the challenges, then throwing in hormones and breakouts and it just gets super stressful. I remember being a teen with crap skin and not getting the right advice on skincare. In those days you just got put on the pill. Now there are so many amazing brands and some much information out there that makes it so much easier.

My daughter battled with breakouts already from the age of 10. It's been my mission to get her skin on track so that she feels confident in herself. If your teen has great skin that's amazing but a skincare routine needs to still be implemented from early on. Teaching our kids to self care is an amazing gift to beautiful skin as an adult.
Tips For Teen Skin:
1. Wash your face EVERY night. This step can't be missed out. You want to make sure at night all impurities from the day are washed away. If you are unsure of what to use, get advice from a skin therapist. A plain gentle cleanser is usually your best bet.

2. Moisturiser is so important. The moisturiser helps your skin to self regulate as its getting moisture not fighting to create to create it. Choose oil-free, non-comedogenic lotions or creams formulated with ingredients that strengthen or repair skin’s barrier function. Apply day and night especially if your teen is using active ingredients for the breakouts skin get get dry.
3. Apply a sheet mask once to twice a week especially if the skin is inflammed and dry. The Hydration Booster and Skin Soother sheet masks in combo work wonders on breakouts. The CBD really helps calm the skin and used over a period of a few weeks really makes a big difference in the skin. Both masks nourish and hydrate combined with ingredients that work so well together.
4. Use acne treatments when breakouts are inflammed. My daughter has 2 go to's that help reduce the breakout and get rid of them in a few days. Bye Bye Pimples by Derma Clinical and Lamelle Clarity Active Spot Control Treatment are the best we have experienced they truly work. Combining the more intense at night and then the gel in the day to keep the bacteria away.
5. Sunblock is key and its something I have to keep banking into my daughter to make sure she does it regularly. Protecting your skin at a young age means your future self will thank you for it. Prevent aging and pigmentation as soon as you can.
6. Do not sqeeze those spots. Fingers have bacteria which can make it worse and scar as well. I treat my daughter to a facial normally once every 6 weeks to clean out her skin. A great tip is to get the therapist to numb skin first as teen skin is more sensitive.
7. Create a skincare routine that will set you up for the rest of your teen's life. A morning and night routine is key. Healthy habits are the most important.

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