Your New Summer Skincare Routine

Each season you need to be slightly tweaking your skincare routine. In winter its richer and more nourishing, in spring you start to switch over to lighter products and in summer you need to use products that deal with the change in temperature and keep skin glowing and healthy.

Why you need to switch up your skincare:
Sweat, the heat, air conditioning, suntan lotion and sunburn causes havoc on your skin. Your skin can age quicker, get dehydrated and pigmentation starts appearing too!!! Skin can get really stressed out, breakouts can happen and your skin barrier is damaged.

What products and ingredients you need in summer:
You are basically looking for lighter products that will sink into your skin and hydrate. You want Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide which are 3 of my favorite ingredients for beautiful skin. They feature in our sheet masks and the face mist so you are winning here.

The 4 masks cover all the ingredients you need in the summer season. Packed with powerful antioxidants giving an instant skin boost. Say goodbye to dehydrated skin, a dull complexion, breakouts and sunburn. Plus pop them in the fridge and they are super refreshing on a hot day and amazing to take with you on holiday.

This mist is the absolute perfect product for summer because not only is it packed with a powerhouse of antioxidants. It can be popped into your bag and applied throughout the day.It soothes, brightens, hydrates and protects. Plus it's so refreshing on a hot day.

Tips for your summer skincare routine:
1. Exfoliate twice a week to get rid of all the buildup of sunscreen. Go for a more gentle exfoliator and one that has all the good acids in it like glycolic and lactic acid.

2. Clean your skin every day using a gentle cleanser. You need to make sure all the impurities from the day are removed and your skin is squeaky clean.

3.I love to use an oil at night that will help nourish my skin especially when I have been in the sun and my skin is dehydrated.

4. Face mist all day long. I promise you your skin will love you for it. You can mix up the Dewy Glo Mist and hydrating ones.

5. I love to use a hydrating clay cleanser to really draw the impurities out of the skin. You can do this once a week.

6. Sheet mask twice a week if needed to really boost your hydration levels and get those ingredients into your skin. Use a roller while the mask is on to really get that product into your skin.

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