The Ultimate Guide To Working Out Your Skin Type

Are you struggling to work out what your skin type is? Are you finding choosing skincare for you is stressful and overwhelming? Well don't worry we've got you. In this post we chat about the skincare types, the symptoms and how to care for your skin.
The majority of people fall into normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin. But how do you truly know which one you are and which skincare products to use?
Learn everything you need to know about different skin types, their characteristics, symptoms, and causes behind skin issues, and most importantly - which ingredients are best to treat any daily skin issues you may be experiencing.
What are the 5 different skin types?
Understanding your skin type will massively help you choose what products you need to help really get that love and glow back into your skin.

Normal Skin: If this is you then you are super lucky. You basically have no real skin concerns and your skin is smooth and beautiful. Your skin doesn't need much maintenance just requires good basic care and protection to be at its best.
Tips on how to care for normal skin:
1. Don't be complacent even if you have glowing supple skin.
2. Protect your skin barrier.
3. Treat any skin care concern that arises immediately.
4. Sunblock is your best friend.
5. Use a mild cleanser.
6. A good moisturiser.
7. Use ingredients like CBD Leaf Extract, Vitamin C and E, Squalene and Hyaluronic Acid to avoid dehydration, pigmentation and breakouts.
Try our Glo Getter and Brightening Bomb to keep skin looking gorgeous and the Hydration Booster for the ultimate nourishment. For the eye masks you can pretty much use all 4 formulations.

Dry: This one is not the best but one you can still take care of and make sure your skin is nourished. Over time with lots of love you can have glowing skin but you need to have a consistent routine. Skin can be rough, flakey and sensitive. As well as feel really tight. it's caused by the breakdown of the skin's barrier, meaning lack of moisture.
Tips on how to care for dry skin:
1. Add in ingredients that are really nourishing, oils, butters, anti-inflammatory ingredients. As well as barrier repair blends, ceramides and fatty acids.
2. Hydration is so key so add in Hyaluronic Acid into your routine.
3. Invest in a gentle cleanser like a gel to milk. You don't want to strip your skin of moisture.
4. Your moisturiser needs ro be rich and applied day and night. You want to stop skin flaking and restore moisture.
5. Add in ingredients like Rosehip Oil and Vitamin C as well as CBD Leaf Extract to help with inflammation.
Try the Hydration Booster infused with CBD Leaf Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Glycerin to really nourish and hydrate to get your glow back. Work in the Brightening Bomb and Glo Getter too. Two sheet masks a week minimum here.

Oily: This skin type is really common for teens and a lot of adults. Sadly its the hardest to get under control. An oily skin type is defined by a shiny skin complexion and excess oil/sebum production that feels greasy. The excess sebum production which traps bacteria on the skin and in pores and more often than not, is associated with recurring skin breakouts, acne, blackheads (black nodes around the nose) and clogged pores.
Tips on how to care for oily skin:
1. Cleansers need to purify the skin but also be gentle. Look for ingredients like retinol, fulvic acid and Salicylic Acid.
2.Moisturising is key but you want to prevent the overproduction of sebum. Make sure you include Hyaluronic Acid and go for a gel like texture.
3. For gentle but effective exfoliating a pore cleaning, azelaic acid is a great choice for effective and long lasting cleansing, without stimulating further oil production.
Try the Skin Soother with CBD Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera, Argan Oil and Collagen. The CBD really helps reduce oil production in the skin and helps with inflammation and breakouts.

Sensitive: Sensitive skin is a skin type on its own, but you can also experience sensitive skin as a symptom or in combination with one of the other skin types, specifically when you’re experiencing dry, damaged skin. This is one of the more difficult skin types to get under control as it often gets worse before it gets better.
Skin can be reactive to ingredients, it can be flakey, red, dry or eczema patches.
Tips on how to care for sensitive skin:
1. Start new products slowly and see how your skin reacts.
2. Use gentle cleansers.
3. Need to have a good dose of hydration as well as support the skin barrier. Ingredients like Aloe Vera, Squalene, Ceramides, Niacinamide, Omegas and an SPF.
3. Squalene really is a wonderful ingredient to soothe and calm.
4. Add CBD Leaf Extract which is an amazing antioxidant ingredient that helps with redness, eczema and inflamed skin.
All our masks were created for sensitive skin and have been tested on sensitive skin so you can use all of these and not worry about reacting.

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