Ageless Glow and Why We Think All Skin Is Beautiful

We decided that in the month of December we wanted to celebrate the ageless glow, that all skin is beautiful and it's never too late to get the glow. Taking care of your skin is a gift you give yourself. We hear so many women say it's too late for them. It's not, we all deserve glowing skin but to also feel confident in the skin you are in.

Why do we think all skin is beautiful?

Even a beautiful bone structure can have imbalanced skin, crazy breakouts, pigmentation, rosacea, eczema and the list goes on. Teenagers can seriously struggle with breakouts causing depression . As we get older skin can sag, wrinkles appear, dark circles and scars on the skin. This can sound depressing but what they take away here is that we all struggle at some point with our skin. Sometimes more than others. What we need to learn is that it's OK and that we are all beautiful inside and out.

Help us empower confidence in your skin:

We are looking for our beautiful customers, makeup artists and our spa customers this month to share the glow with us. It's all about empowering other women to share their skin stories with us so that it can empower other women and men too. Being confident in your skin is empowering and sharing and saying hey it's OK.

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